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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


6:00 – Week 1 is officially in the books after dominating wins by the Steelers and 49ers. What the hell is Washington doing not putting Norman on Antonio Brown all game?

6:18 – The 49ers also rolled to a win on MNF. If Jeff Fisher doesn’t think Jared Goff can be better than Case Keenum, he and Les Snead should be fired immediately for giving up so much to get him.

6:35 –  We look at some of the big injuries coming out of the first week of the NFL season. Russell Wilson’s ankle injury could linger, which could be trouble for Seattle.

6:48 – Colin Kaepernick responded to Trent Dilfer’s comments about him, and he hit back hard.


7:00 – We recap last night’s MNF doubleheader. Dominance by the Steelers and 49ers. Big Ben answered a lot of skeptics by being so productive without some key pieces.

7:18 – Today’s question of the day: Which bandwagon are you hopping off? Stats and Florio agree that Seattle is the best choice.  

7:35 – Cleveland Browns Quarterback Josh McCown tells us when he found out he was getting the job, and why the Browns won’t be the dumpster fire that everyone thinks they are.

7:48 – We get your reaction to the question of the day from our email inbox.


8:00 – NFL Coast to Coast – Stats gets Mike’s reaction to the headlines of the day.

8:18 – Worry Sale  We look at 3 teams that lost in week one and Florio tells you how worried his is about that team’s chances going forward.

8:35 – Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver A.J. Green takes the high road when talking about Darrelle Revis. Also, AJ says the key to facing the Steelers this week will be to keep their poise.

8:48 – We get your reaction to our Question of the Day, and get a suprrise pop-in from Steelers RB D’Angelo Williams!

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