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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

NFL6:00 – Cam Newton couldn’t throw yesterday, Andrew Luck is still expected off the PUP list by week one, and Kam Chancellor got paid.

6:18 – Camp fights! Camp fights! Camp fights! New England, Cincy, and Indy duked it out yesterday.  

6:35 – Ray Lewis said a lot of words to and about Colin Kaepernick, but as usual with Ray, they didn’t really make sense.  

6:48 – Roger Goodell has made it clear that outdoor, cold-weather cities have a tough battle to win a Super Bowl bid.

7:00 – What You Need To Know –  Jamal Adams tried to explain his, “die on the field” comments, and players around the league are clearly spooked by the CTE study that came out.

7:18 – Question of the Day: Who are you more concerned about  – Cam or Luck?

7:35 – Pro Football Talk’s Darin Gantt used to cover the Panthers and has their hall of fame vote. He explains whether Cam can truly change his game the way the Panthers have talked about.

7:48 –  Kam Chancellor got paid – do the Seahawks see their window as open for the length of his contract?

8:00 – What You Need to Know– Jamal Adams says the field is his perfect play to die, Roger Goodell denies tanking, and Doug Marrone was caught off guard by Brandon Albert retiring.

8:18 – We get your responses to our question of the day.  

8:35 – CSN New England Patriots Insider Tom Curran reacts to some recent quotes by Jimmy Garoppolo about his future, and speculates whether 19-0 is actually a probably outcome.

8:48 – While You Weren’t Working – Eli Manning got caught dancing on video, James Conner is hurt in Pittsburgh and Jay Ajayi has a concussion.

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