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Thursday, October 19, 2017

6:00 – Mike previews Thursday Night Football, where Derek Carr needs a good performance in a prime time game. The Raiders haven’t been good at dealing with success. Also, Mike doesn’t buy the idea that Zeke Elliott and the NFL would reach a settlement on his suspension.

6:18 – Andrew Luck has had a setback and is going to stop throwing. Mike is convinced he isn’t playing this year, and that the Colts are stringing us along to keep the fan base together.

6:35 – Michael Bennett thinks the NFL won’t solve its player protest issues until Colin Kaepernick gets a job.

6:48 – Shad Khan threw some haymakers at Donald Trump. We continually refresh Twitter for a response.

7:00 – What You Need to Know– Mike and Chris preview the Thursday Night Football game. What the hell has happened to the Raiders’ offense? 

7:18 – Brett Hundley makes his debut this week against New Orleans, and Andrew Luck had a setback with his shoulder.

7:35 – Mike and Chris preview all of Sunday’s early games.

7:48 – Mike and Chris preview all of Sunday’s late games.

8:00 – What You Need to Know– Mike and Chris preview the Thursday Night Football game. The Chiefs D could get run over by Marshawn Lynch a week after getting gashed by Le’Veon Bell. 

8:18 – Roger Goodell said yesterday that the league wants all players to stand for the anthem, but they won’t force them to stand.  

8:35 – Pressure Cooker Draft- Mike and Chris pick the players or coaches that are under the most pressure to perform this week.  

8:48 – While You Weren’t Working – Zeke and the NFL have discussed a suspension settlement, but Mike doesn’t think that’s likely to happen.

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