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Wednesday, November 2, 2017

6:00 – The Broncos have a new QB. We listen to Vance Joseph and Brock himself explain why this is a good move, and why the key to victory is protecting the football.

6:18 – Mike reacts to Browns ownership finally reacting to something the team has done. Supposedly they went, “nuclear” on anyone responsible for the AJ McCarron screw up.

6:35 –  The Bills can prove to everyone tonight that they should be taken seriously. Can they do it? A lot rests on Tyrod Taylor’s shoulders.

6:48 – Papa John was critical of how Roger Goodell has handled protests by the players, but Mike wonders if Jerry Jones put him up to it.

7:00 – What You Need to Know– The Broncos have a new starting quarterback. Can Brock be any different this time around? Plus, Browns ownership supposedly “went nuclear” after their trade debacle. Will it help?

7:18 – Mike and Chris preview tonight’s Thursday Night Football game.  

7:35 – Mohamed Sanu, Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver tells us why he’s tired of Super Bowl hangover questions, and says the team is trying to build a new offense this year, not imitate what they did with Kyle Shanahan.

7:48 – Mike explains why Zeke’s latest attempt to avoid a suspension will likely fail, and we wonder if the Giants will have to move on from Ben McAdoo after another player was suspended this week.

8:00 – What You Need to Know– The Bills and Jets square off tonight with Buffalo looking to make believers out of the doubters on national TV. Plus, the Broncos have a new (old) starting quarterback.

8:18 – We listen to players on the Texans, Dolphins, and Panthers react to the trades we saw this week. Cam is clearly upset by not having Kelvin Benjamin anymore.

8:35 – Mike and Chris preview some of week nine’s games.

8:48 – We finish previewing week nine’s games.

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