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Alabama All-American Minkah Fitzpatrick

Minkah Fitzpatrick was a freshman All-American two seasons ago, then a national All-American last year. What can the junior DB out of Jersey City do to top that in his third season with the Tide? Guess it’s time to set even more records than he already has. Newy talks to Minkah about why he chose Alabama, who his favorite team was before accepting that scholarship and whether he can be the best DB in the nation this year.


HOFer Frank Thomas on the All-Star Game and Aaron Judge

Frank Thomas is one of the best combination of power and average hitters the league’s ever seen, so you better believe he was impressed by Aaron Judge’s performance at the Home Run Derby. The Big Hurt talked to Newy about his days in the Derby and what MLB can do to get more African-American players to that level in the league.


Eddie George Still Loves FB, But He’s Officially An Actor Now

We love when former Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George comes on the show, because he’s not just a football guy, he’s a renaissance man. Sure, he’ll always be proud of his Ohio State Buckeyes and Tennessee Titans, but he’s graduated from football and spends most of his time acting these days. He and Dave Smith talk about his latest acting exploits as well as his upcoming appearance on the ESPYs.


Former NBA Executive of the Year John Gabriel

John Gabriel’s done some things in his NBA career, going to the NBA Finals with Orlando and Shaquille O’Neal, dealing for Penny Hardaway and helping the Knicks acquire Phil Jackson. He’s back in Orlando now, but joined Newy to talk about his days in New York and how GMs handle situations like that as well as losing a star player like the Clippers did today in CP3.


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